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Brgy. Butas na Bato
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The barangay was named after a famous cave on a big rock along the beach which was used by the Japanese forces as one of their strong fort observation area facing the pacific. It is three (3) away from Poblacion w/ an approximate area of 440 hectares, provincial road passes the barangay. It has six kilometers shoreline w/ fine to rough beaches ideal for swimming and surfing. Generally, the place is mountainous. Flat terrain near the seashore is planted to coconut while banana grew on the hillsides.

Population / Education

Butas na bato has population as of 2010 (Census 2010) total of 813. Considering the barangay literacyrate, Butas na bato has literacy rate of 91% while illiteracy rate is 9%. The existing school in this barangay is only grade 2. Others is being served by Dingalan Central School which is three (3) kilometers away.


Fishing and upland farming are main sources of livelihood of Butas na bato residents. The place has 90 hectares staple Crop farm and 100 hectares coconut plantation . Others crop are banana, citrus, vegetables, and root crops.

Barangay Officials as of 2010-2013:
Reynaldo R. LabasanBrgy. Captain
Rufino H. BalingitKagawad
Silverio DecenaKagawad
Tarcila H. ViveroKagawad
Mercedes C. MadayagKagawad
Ceferino Y. AvecillaKagawad
Inigrace E. BesaKagawad
Armando S. RamosKagawad
Bernadette M. CuraminSK Chairwoman
Charito HerminigildoTreasurer
Lito H. AndresSecretary