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Caragsacan is an ilocano word translated in english as Happiness. The place is located west of Poblacion having an area of 2,088 hectares. It has 60 hectares farm lots, half of its is irrigated. The rest of the land are barren and mountainous being develop as Upland Agricultural Area

Population / Education

Total population of Caragsacan as of 2010 (Census 2010) is 2,729. Caragsacan has complete elementary and 1 primary school.Dingalan National High School was established in 1995 is located in Brgy. Caragsacan.


Majority of the population are engage in agriculture activities. Records of the Department of Agriculture reveals that 149 hectares of bgry. is devoted to agriculture, broken down as follows 74 hectares - staples crops; 59 hectares - Cash Crops; 9 hectares coconut intercropping; 1.5 hectares - orchard farm and 5.5 hectares for vegetables farm.

Barangay Officials as of 2010-2013:
Victor E. ManejaBrgy. Captain
Eladia P. AcostaKagawad
Arnold L. SalvadorKagawad
Lorna L. MarianoKagawad
Ricardo M. SambajonKagawad
Sherwin M. FameniaKagawad
Roland F. GriponKagawad
Wilfredo B. DumayaKagawad
Bernadette R. De LeonSK Chairwoman
Myla B. PajarilloTreasurer
Angelita B. OrdoƱezSecretary