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Barangay Davildavilan was former part of Brgy. Poblacion of Dingalan till it was created as regular barangay together with other barangay of the town in 1957. Brgy. Davildavilan is located north of Poblacion with most of land area is mountainous to rolling. It has a total land area of 2,117 hectares. It is more or less one kilometer from the shoreline of Dingalan, Bay. Davildavilan has 7 puroks.

Population / Education

Davildavilan has total population as of 2010 (Census 2010) of 992. It has no existing school due to its proximity to Poblacion where Dingalan Central School (elem.) is located. High School age population is being served by Saint Patricks Academy in Brgy. Paltic, and Dingalan National High School located in Brgy. Caragsacan.


Agicultural farming structure of Davildavilan has a total of 30.75 Hectares, Crop production per year is recorded as 36MT coconut, 3MT rice, & 9MT citrus. Livestock and poultry is predominantly backyard in nature. Livestock count totaled to 110 while poultry production is 650.

Barangay Officials as of 2010-2013:
Simplicio P. Ramos Jr.Brgy. Captain
Marcelo D. PagaduanKagawad
Pablo D. Balmores Jr.Kagawad
Rodrigo Q. BorjaKagawad
Geminiano M. PaduaKagawad
Catalino P. WalicanKagawad
Imelda T. RamosKagawad
Emma A. MadridKagawad
Ma. Roxanne M. ValdezSK Chairwoman
Loida M. PajarilloTreasurer
Abner D. NarcisoSecretary