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Brgy. Umiray

Umiray is so named after the famous Umiray River,Umiray is located 24 kilometers south of Dingalan Proper. It has an area of 10,970 hectares, the biggest barangay in the municipality in term of area. The place is characterized by hilly to mountainous & only 20% of the land area is flat to rolling. Umiray has 22 sitios.

Population / Education

Umiray has 3,963 (census 2010) total population. Umiray has one (1) complete elementary school & three (3) primary school. Newly opened Umiray National High School (1999) served secondary students in the area. The primary school is located in Sitio Malamig, Dugyan, & Singawan while elementary & secondary is in Malakawayan.


Farming & fishing is prominent activities in Umiray. It has 135 hectares devoted to rice production and 105 hectares for coconut. Other activities are wood processing, rattan gatherers, charcoal making & trading.

Barangay Officials as of 2010-2013:
Juanito R. BorreoBrgy. Captain
Ronald T. CastilloKagawad
Tonyrey G. CorpuzKagawad
Tertuliana D. CamaliganKagawad
Gary V. BartolomeKagawad
Gregorio P. AstreraKagawad
Selbert R. AstreraKagawad
Walter G. MarquezKagawad
Almario B. BorreoSK Chairman
Elmer JintalanTreasurer
Francisco C. CabantingSecretary