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Brgy. Ibona

The word "Ibona" which means "bird". Ibona is located more or less 18 Kilometers south of Poblacion and can be reach by land via provincial road. The place is between Brgy. Cabog/Matawe & Umiray having an area of 5,795 hectares It has seven (7) sitios, namely: Old Setic, Sikbing, Camiling, Imulat ,Agusis, Abungan, Aves, Centro (Purok 1,2,3,4).

Population / Education

In census 2010, Ibona has registered population with a total of 3,185. There are three (3) types of school level in Ibona. These are primary school, intermediate school and secondary school.


Ibona is an agricultural barangay with a vast area of flat land suited to agriculture covering 1,031.5 hectares. Livestock and poultry is predominantly backyard in nature.

Barangay Officials as of 2010-2013:
Ederlito A. CumilangBrgy. Captain
June S. FelipeKagawad
Isagani S. RoxasKagawad
Mario G. MacapillarKagawad
Dante R. RoqueKagawad
Alonzo O. GriƱoKagawad
Rosendo L. RebudalKagawad
Jimmy T. AbrahamKagawad
Nikko Jay B. RomanticoSK Chairman
Asrielita A. Del RosarioSecretary