(by Kristine R. Mangahas & MPDC Staff  6/25/2014)

Civil Service Commission conducted an orientation program regarding the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) at the LGU One-Stop-Shop Office this 24th of June, 2014. The orientation started at 8:00 am which was geared towards government employees including the GAs, NGAs, LGUs, SUCs as well as the GOCCs.

Mrs. Eleanor Prado, Civil Service provincial director spoke to the group which included the Heads of offices and their staffs, Hon. Mayor Zenaida Q. Padiernos and Hon. Vice Mayor Edgar H. Liu. Mrs. Prado discussed the rationale, scope and features of the SPMS and how it is an essential HR tool to improve employee efficiency and performance. She informed the attendees of the legal bases of the SPMS, emphasizing the Joint Resolution No. 4 s. 2009 of the Congress of the Philippines which prescribes a Performance-Based Incentive scheme (PBI). The PBI system shall cover the Government officials and employees (Regular Plantilla Position) as well as the casual and contractual employees. The purpose of which is to integrate personnel and organizational performance to reward exemplary civil servants and well performing institutions. Administrative Order 25 s. 2011 stipulates the establishment of a unified and integrated Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) across all departments and agencies, the creation of an Inter-Agency Task Force, Performance Scorecard and Performance Information System.

Under the Executive Order No. 80, s. 2012, the PBI system consists of the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB). PEI shall continually grant P5,000 across-the-board in addition to PBB which is a top-up bonus based on the contribution of the employee to the accomplishment of their Department’s target. PBB shall be measured according to performance indicators: Major Final Outputs (MFOs), Five (5) Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Four (4) Good governance conditions. The PBB distribution shall depend on the following rating: 10% being judged the “Best”, 25%, the “Better,” 50%, the “Good”, and 15%, “Poor”. Bureaus or delivery units that performed below 90% will not be eligible for the PBB. Mrs. Prado also pointed out the sanctions of failing to submit the Office Performance Commitment and Rating (OPCR) Form to the PMT and Individual Employee’s Performance Commitment (IPCR) and Rating Form to the HRM Office within the specified dates will be a ground for Employee’s disqualification for performance-based personnel actions and Administrative sanction for violation of reasonable office rules and simple neglect of duty for supervisors or employees.

The program concluded at 10:30 am with a brief speech from Mayor Zeny sending everyone an encouragement to perform their duties satisfactorily.

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