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  • 4th RJs World Cup Competition (7/28/2011) - As part of the tourism promotion, Mr. Arjay Roxas, creator of RJ’s World Cup Competition and a residence of Dingalan, Aurora decided that their next fishing tournament will be held at Dingalan Aurora. Prior to that, the 4th RJs World Cup Competiti . . . Click to read more

  • Association of Tourism Coordinators and Officers of Aurora (ATCOA) visits Dingalan (3/25/2011) - The Provincial tourism office and the Association of Tourism Coordinators and Officers of Aurora are decided to visit all municipalities of Aurora. They decided that their first visit will be in Dingalan. Tourism officers of Dingalan prepared a pro . . . Click to read more

  • 2009
  • Matawe (9/17/2009) - The looks of Matawe Beach during the low tide. . . . Click to read more

  • Website Launched for Tourism (9/17/2009) - This Official Website of Dingalan was made to invite more tourists to come and see the beauty of Dingalan. . . . Click to read more

  • White Beach (9/17/2009) - White Beach: located in Brgy. Paltic, Dingalan, Aurora, only 10- minute boat ride is a natural enclave and isolated hideaway, which has wide white sand beach . . . Click to read more

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